Korean war peace treaty nulled "A state of war now exists between North Korea and South Korea"

korean war restarts 2013 Korean war restarts 2013

What are principles without a force to back them? That is what we must ask ourselves today, because we warned you that unless someone speaks to the north in a neutral but anti-war matter, the peace treaty of 1953 would be nulled.

As of yesterday, the treaty has officially been crushed and obliterated by both the North and the South. That's right, the Korean war is back, for all of you Korean war veterans, you probably feel pretty dumb right now , right? Maybe Douglas Macarthur was right, the whole country should have been taken and made into one , its just too dangerous to allow two countries that claim each other as part of themselves to coexist, conflict is imminent.

North Korea has noted such things as "any attempt by the South to threaten our existence will be dealt with in a war-time fashion"  "If the United States intervenes, there will be preemptive strikes without prior warning". What we see in these words is that this is still just that pitiful wild animal pushed into the corner, using all means of threat to deter further approach. They have never stated that they will invade South Korea, that is not their intention , but we must act accordingly to prevent any loss of life on either side, it is a cold war -there will be no invasion on either side , no nuclear missile attacks , unless one side facades , then it will all be over-.

We must be very cautious to not allow either side to facade , China might respond to an invasion of the North with an expeditionary force, as it did in 1952 , because it will no longer have  a buffer with the trigger happy South Koreans.

This could create a world war, we really don't need this , so we must pressure South Korea into being cautious and not attacking due to national pride, the  consequences could be much more severe than we would want.
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