Hunas Falls

Hunas Falls are two waterfalls located in Sri Lanka, a country we are not too familiar with. these two waterfalls cascade 125 British feet per piece. There is a smaller one above the larger one, that is all we know from our clandestine sources.

Hunas Waterfall compilation Hunas Waterfall compilation

Furthermore, during the season of Asian monsoon, many, MANY commoners have been known to drown in the overflowing river created by the waterfall.

Rare species of animals such as the Asian cayman , known to eat human flesh, and spiked tuna have been known to live in the Hunnas Waterfall area. According to the locals, there is actually an underwater cave that houses a monster, local drawing make it appear like a giant Cayman , with an elongated neck.

We personally wont bother to actually go here, ever :)

Today, it houses the finest hotels in all of Sri lanka, or so they say.
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