Man plants apple seed

41 year old Miguel Hernandez has planted some apple seeds today. When we came to his door , questioning him , he said " I always dreamed of having an apple tree". We were so baffled, we began FOAMING AT THE F#$%%& MOUTH!

Why the fvck would you want this? Why the fvck would you want this?

It came as an absolute shock, why would someone want an apple tree!? What on earth prompted this man to wake up one morning and tell himself " gee, I think today I want to plant an apple tree". We began foaming at the mouth again, and curling into a fetal position, our camera man even began sucking his thumb.

After we did the whole session, Hernandez headed off to work, he works for some small company as a telemarketer, and guess what? We found out our camera had a "safety lens cap" only to be disabled "by the little red -practically invisible- switch" underneath the stand attachment.

So, naturally, we just had to say "WTF!?"
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