Indian rape protesters to be hosed

A gang rape involving 24 men and woman who was thrown off a moving bus has caused wide protest throughout new Delhi. New Delhi is now experiencing an influx of rape cases, a 400% increase to be exact.

The reported rapes from 1970 were sub par 2500, this has now arisen to well over 20 thousand in the year two thousand and twelve. This is a crazy increase in rapes, or perhaps people are less afraid to actually go out and report them?

Well, in this case, the poor woman that was raped by almost 30 men at once, and beaten to unconsciousness is still in intensive care. Her assailants (all 24 of them) were not charged with anything, nor does anyone now their exact names, motives or anything.

The Indian government, apparently turned a blind eye to the incident, and the people resulted with protests (which were ironically violent). Unlike Gandhi's salt marches, these protests involved many bamboo canes, pepper bombs and injured police men and protesters (in total 25 police and 43 civilians were severely injured). What ended up happening was that the crowd of protesters was dowsed with hoses, and pepper bombs. The crow dispersed earlier today and no known fatalities have occurred.

Protestors In india (c)bighistory ap Protestors In india (c)bighistory ap

*Update December 28, 2012 , the victim has died in an intensive care unit in Singapore. Nothing more needs to be said.
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