Israel preemptively attacks Syria

Israel, the product of wester pity, has decided to (without reason) attack and bombard Syrian targets. It is not understood why they have suddenly become so "trigger happy" , as we have stated before , the civil war in Syria should be decided by Syria alone, no external forces.

israel bombards syria Israel bombards Syria

It's kind of strange how a country has the nerve to enter another's airspace without a formal declaration of war , killing people and then the rest of the world does not turn on them. Sure , Syria is a mess. Of course, there are rumors that they are using chemical weapons against whatever in hell the "rebels" are.

Remember, we thought Iraq also had these types of weapons, and they never did. Even though Israel is not directly being threatened by Syria, it is only possible to assume that they want to test their armed forces on a more modern battlefield.

Although they do have probable reason to believe that their old enemy , the Hezbollah could be given weapons from Syria , and then turned on Israel , it very "far-fetched" to assume.

Having Syria out of the news for a while was great, but if all out war begins between Iran , Syria and Israel , It is our deepest hope that no western power will intervene. Let these trigger happy nations do whatever they want with each other(we don't need to lose men to preserve the principles of other nations), we should concern ourselves only with moving from oil to alternate energy sources, so in the near future, these  regions will be irrelevant to our interests.

Let us all just understand that everything in life happens for a reason , and if these rebels win , it was their destiny to win. Syria doesn't even have any oil (worthless) , so let them come to terms of an agreement without our intervention.
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