Man arrested and charged for living under portable toilets

Luke Chrisco Luke Chrisco

Luke Chrisco, perhaps the most perverted man of 2013 has been sentenced to three years in prison and ten years on parole for hiding in portable toilet sewers and spying on naked men and women.

Luke Chrisco accordingly dug trenches under the septic tanks of the portable toilets , and placed cameras underneath , taping anyone that went in. Early last year, a woman reported a man running out of the sewer after being spotted, covered in feces.

Police caught the man , sanitized him, beat him and took him to prison. He has been taped and confirmed more than twenty times by locals. Plus, his video footage shows much more. As a result, Luke Chrisco was sentenced to three years in prison. What a naughty man -- he wont be doing this again for a while.
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