North Korea will launch a scientific satellite this month

Following the failure of their first scientific satellite/rocket, North Korean scientists have done their research and are planning on launching another rocket to space.

They will be bringing a universal camera to photograph the planet, much like google maps.

Now as with everything that has to do with North Korea, people think this is a ballistic missile test, and the scientific part is a ruse. We want to think the best, so we will just leave it at a satellite.

Now, if you would like to know how we could help North Korea entirely, it is quite simple: we should start talking with them. Secrecy has caused more wars, death and destruction than anything else in the world. Secrecy is bad, people are quite eager to think the worst, usually with good reason.

Unfortunately, when you assume the worst, sometimes you assume wrong, and tragedy can follow.

North Korean Rocket North Korean Rocket


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