World Cup 2014 Closes

World Cup 2014 Closes

The 2014 European Football (soccer) World Cup has come to a close. Following an astounding show of sportsmanship and trials of entertainment, this world cup will go down in the chapters of history.

From the preliminary rounds more than two months ago to the furious battles that took shape on the fields of Rio De Janeiro and the stunning finisher game , this entire event can be summarized as…. Simply spectacular.

Following a powerful German and astounding Dutch and Argentine performances, nobody was left disappointed. Even with a crushing defeat on their own turf, the Brazilians cheered on the final teams until the end.

Today, the closing ceremony took place with performances by international entertainers including Shakira and Carlos Santana. Men and women from all over the world celebrated the final game and the outcome.

This event is truly spectacular and we only hope that the following (in four years’ time) world cup can be as fun and smooth as this year’s.

It is truly beautiful to see so many nations come together to collaborate in such an extravagant event.

We wish everyone a safe trip home.

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