Perhaps a larger mystery than the Egyptian Pyramids

As far as we are concerned, the Egyptian pyramids could have been built by Aliens. Yes, we cant really doubt that because they align so well with the sun and stars.

Aliens Aliens

Or maybe, because ancient Egypt had millions of men, ready to die for the pharaoh , and a ton of slaves, they were created by humans? ( we cant discern this "theory" either). You know how things are, men like to build everything bigger and bolder than their ancestors.

Humans Humans

But there is one mystery which we cannot even dare to explain, this would be the little known superstructure known as " The Coral Castle". Located in the far southern tip of Florida in a medium sized town called Homestead. Yeah, it's pretty close to home dear reader.

Homestead, Florida Homestead, Florida

The coral castle is an enormous castle-like structure created by first time immigrant from Latvia Edward Leedskalnin.

Leedskalnin was a strange man. Before coming to America, he came down with a severe case of tuberculosis , then incurable, he somehow cured it himself. He claimed that he did this "using magnets" This sounds absurd, but he did get rid of the then "incurable illness".

Edward Leedskalnin in oils by Skot Olsen Edward Leedskalnin in oils by Skot Olsen

Anyways, in 1923, he created the Coral Castle, a structure of immense beauty. It was quite literally, a castle made of coral. The gate alone weighs an astounding 57 tons.

The Coral Castle The Coral Castle

Now, please note that the creation of this monument was done by one man, with no machinery. According to his personal diary, he used the same system of magnets, which he described vaguely as a S-N polarizer that would cause them to move off each other over time, giving unlimited amounts of energy.

We cant say for sure how he did this, because when the front portion broke down a bit in 1963, it took two industrial-sized cranes to fix just the frontal block. Does this sound absurdly suspicious?

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