Robot Hit And Killed By Self Driving Tesla

Robot Hit And Killed By Tesla Robot Hit And Killed By Tesla

In the first ever instance of roboticide, a self-driving Tesla found itself to be the culprit of a hit which landed a self-learning robot in a grave.

Located in the Paradise Road district of Las Vegas, security images captured a Tesla Model S crushing the unsuspecting robot to death after a fierce hit. This is the second time in recorded history that a Tesla has killed someone in cold blood.

According to eyewitness testimony, multiple robots were walking on a sidewalk when one accidentally slipped off the sidewalk onto the parking lot. There, all hell broke loose. The robot was smashed by the Tesla like a sack of potatoes, laid in agony for a few seconds, then succumb to its injuries.

Paramedic engineers arrived on scene to access the situation; only to find that the robot was unable to be resuscitated.

According to police reports, the Tesla was set to "autonomous mode" and likely killed the robot (called Promobot) because he slept with his ex-wife; an Alexa powered toaster.

This is the first ever instance of a robot committing a murder/homicide on another robot. Worse yet, there might have been a motive and the killing might have been intentional. When questioned, the Tesla A.I. team had no response; simply labeling the incident an "accident".

Further investigations will continue and the makers of Promobot claimed their intentions to file "wrongful death" charges; asking for reparations for their loss. 

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