Some famous cats

This is a list of some of the most famous cats on the internet!

Number 5: Maus The Cat! 

Coming in at number 5 is Maus, the German male cat! His name means "mouse" in English, ironically. Maus is an iconic cat that  recently became the subject of internet memes following a sitting posture he did, resembling that of humans.

Maus Maus


Number 4: Fatso The KeyBoard Cat:

Fatso is one of those cats that upon seeing , you will remember fond memories. A man named Charles Schmidt created the original "keyboard cat" in 1984. His work has since spawned clones and has made Fatso an internet sensation. As once was said "old is still gold".

And in case you think keyboard cat died, he retired and his son came out with a new song in 2010 under the nickname "Bento" :)

Number 3: Banker Cat

Sometime in the year 2009 of our lord, a beautiful thing came to be: Banker cat! Banker cat is a fat cat that became a meme to represent the economic situation following the great recession. Banker cat looks nifty, and his legacy will keep rolling into maybe 2015. (if the world doesn't end in 2012 that is)

Bankercat Does Not Approve Your Loan Bankercat Does Not Approve Your Loan

Number 2:Winston The Cat

Winston captivate my heart, he is so cute , you cant simply not give him a spot on this list, even if it is out of mercy :( Winston is adorable, and he wishes he could have saved these bananas .

Number 1: Maru

Maru is the definition of cuteness, he behaves very oddly, and that is captivating. The second we saw this, it had to be shared with close colleagues. Maru is adorable, and he deserves first place in this countdown!




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