Syria sinking into anarchy

Following the incident this past weekend, where Syrian artillery was aimed at a Turkish border town, known to be harboring fugitive rebels, Turkey responded with artillery strikes of their own. Now it seems imminent, the two countries will likely go to war, but we don't care, as long as the BS NATO thing where one country being attacked makes all of NATO responsible to come and defend doesn't come into effect. A showdown of two backwards countries, going head to head, this should be interesting.

Turks amass on Syrian Border Turks amass on Syrian Border


But furthermore, we have  reports of Syrian rebels taking hostages from across the world, and threatening to execute them unless they give back rebel prisoners (sounds like the hijacking of the Lufthansa back n the 1960's by Syrian al queda members). The irony of the situation is, if the rebels do take the country, they will run it. Yes, these radical extremists will be running a country, much like the regime running Somalia, this will lead to anarchy.

Syrian rebels with hostages, threatening to kill them Syrian rebels with hostages, threatening to kill them


Once again, we don't want our men involved in a struggle between two useless countries. Both have no oil to offer us, both are full of religious zealots, that would kill you in a moments notice if instructed by their imams. NATO can condone actions, but we must not respond with action, after all what does Turkey have to offer us? They don't have oil reserves , or iron, just sand and spiders.
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