Will the world really end in two weeks?

We all want to believe that something exciting will happen in our lifetimes, unfortunately, what we fantasize about , and what is reality are never one in the same thing.

We were once obsessed with the notion of a doomsday, in fact we read articles, reports, examined real pieces of Mayan scripture. We studied the language, we studied their culture.

We then went on a loop, studying "T he Book Of Revelation ". We really were genuinely interested in this, you could say we were a bit obsessed. We were so into it that we began paralleling things. Like the fact that ancient Babylon(Iran) and Israel were on a collision course, all prepped for nuclear war. We wanted to believe, we wanted to prove that natural disasters up to now have been all part of some uncertain destiny.

Hell, we even wanted to add the North Korean Missile to this mess, assuring that somehow everything we think is true, or want to think, really is.

We studied Nostradamus, and even scriptures by Dante, we literally went all out with ancient Chinese scripture pointing to this exact date , December 21, 2012.

But in the end what seemed so solid seems quite rather random, disorganized and lacking. We therefore must state that we are quite certain that nobody should panic. When the day comes, go about your average lives. Don't even think about doomsday, if it happens , you wont feel it, nor will we.

If it does not happen, we want you to rest assured that that is because sometimes our imagination makes us foolish in our assumptions. Nothing even remotely points towards a doomsday, so don't worry , men and women of earth. We will live to see December 22nd, we promise you that!

Mayan Calendar Mayan Calendar

In fact, in a joking manner, you could say "the world will only end for Mexico", if anything :P.
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