The darkest myth in all of science

Science is darker than you think Science is darker than you think

Science is a great thing, for the most part. We have built huge structures through scientific breakthroughs (we are also pretty decent at destroying them), we have nearly made child labor risk free, and most of our children live past the first month of their birthing.

However as great as science is, it has come to our attention that there is a very clandestine struggle happening between the use of science to procreate cures (help civilization) , and the use of science for personal gain.

You see, in our world today , we are left in the relative "dark" whenever a scientist discovers something. As an example, if someone was to discover that eating eucalyptus cured brain hemorrhages (and it by no means does) , how would that information get away from the said scientist or his employer?

The fact of the matter is, perhaps performing an actual hemorrhage removing procedure is far too lucrative and profitable to simply allow the knowledge to escape the laboratory. Naturally, whoever discovered the cure might be one of the few rare cases where they want to charitably donate this information to the human race. This can happen , it has in the past and at times of chaos, governments have made such knowledge public (ie the swine flu virus of 2008).

Unfortunately, the usual case will be a large paycheck to the said employee to shut him/her up for good. As with most people, the employee will take the check and likely receive a collateral warning about the consequences of opening his/her mouth.

And so now we must ask ourselves a few questions.

  1. Why is it that scientific findings are private property that can be bought with money , or are delayed ten to twenty years?

  2. How is it possible that for over fifty years, no cure has been found for even the most treatable cancers -- all while chemotherapy (which is very expensive) has been used for almost half a century?

  3. Do people usually do the morally proper thing when faced by human weakness (greed and selfishness).

  4. Would the creators of these medicinal innovations use their knowledge on themselves or loved ones in a situation where the use of such a method would be life-threatening?

  5. Is it fair that knowledge which could be beneficial to the human race can be stowed away just to make a bit more money from current techniques?

  6. Is it lawful , or is it in any way proper or possible for anyone to seize your knowledge by force? (ie the government sues people for their own discoveries --on which grounds?).

And that is just it, the world we live in can not regulate knowledge, and there may be a cure for cancer at this very moment, too bad many of us will never live to see the day that some brave soul decides to "fork over" this secretive information.

Now we must ask ourselves if we are being paranoid or naive.
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