Why is North Korea back in the news?

Imagine this , a bunch of hunters are chasing a fox, the fox is backed into a corner, but the hunters cant enter this small , confined area. Furthermore, other foxes can't come into this area because the hunters would overpower them. What will the fox do? Well, as with anything, being backed into a corner will mean fight or run.

And since the siege cannot be bypassed, the fox will bite.

This is exactly the situation with North Korea, they fear they might be a fox amongst hunters. They feel that old allies, and supply chains through China and Russia have been severed due to hunter pressure (UN). So, now they may or may not be threatening to preemptively strike.

Do we really need to give a f***? No, because the men that took part in the Korean war are either dead , or close to death. So, if you can imagine, the people of North Korea are like us, and do we really care about North Korea?? Of-course not!

Who the f would care about a bunch of marshland in the middle of nowhere? We certainly don't. But as we stated before, if they want to assimilate into the modern world, we will welcome them with open arms. As humans, we care about their well-being, much like that of any other peoples of the world.

Their problem at the moment seems to be that they think that they have been abandoned and surrounded by enemies. Attacking would be stupid, they need to understand this, but we need to show them that we want them to be well off, maybe Russia can help them transition to this mindset, it would be a nice example.

At this point, nuclear war seems like a threat, in reality it is just a bluff, kind of like how a dog snarls , unless we continue in this direction of aggressive policy towards them, this can be mended. If more than 1 person would just read this and educate yourselves, maybe we can form an organization aimed at helping North Korea.

Unfortunately, they are not so open to talking with outsiders. But they must understand that the generation of anyone 40 or younger doesn't really give a flying fvck about them , simply because we have no reason to. But also, they must understand that being cautious is an artform. They must understand that if they facade and attack with emotion, much like a samurai, they will be slain.

They must endure for now, perhaps they need to open up and begin speaking with external powers. But we would highly encourage them not to allow foreign companies to get inside the country, because we understand that exploitation will occur, like it has in china.

Communism is dead, and it won't be missed , so why not move forward, North Korea? You have so much potential to be another South Korea or Japan, a country that goes quickly from ruin to riches, and who would protest? You could be a world power?

Now we are ranting, but understandably, we don't want to see the extermination of this world, it is our planet, and since we are all human, why the fvck would we want to see our planet get poisoned with radioactive toxins, and so many of us would die. It's just not worth it, is there no man with a real pair of balls that can start to mediate anything before it happens!?

I would do it myself, but who would listen? My posts on here, although most are jokes, are cries on deaf ears. But it would be my deepest honor to meet with both sides and begin to break apart this wall of glass, this "secrecy" that I see as the root cause of any modern day war. I am willing to take people's hands and try to solve this on elementary levels.

Based upon small facts, and reality. So now I must ask why anyone would stand by and watch a nuclear war begin? Do you understand that if it does, the seas will be poisoned, the fish, shrimp squid and all sea-life may be poisoned, it's not as simple as just South Korea being wiped from the map. We must act to preserve humanity. Perhaps the first step would be to begin here, make The Order Of The Iron Phoenix an organization to preserve the human race?

But please, act sooner rather than later , for we would have much to regret.

Together we win Together we win

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