The end of male fashion: male leggings

As with every decade, and century , apparel changes. Sometimes for the better, like skinny jeans, and sometimes for the worse like waist high "mom jeans".  But ever since the end of the male "short shorts" , everything has been cool, up to now.

Apparently the newest male trend is "man leggings". And the one "man" thats making them popular is none other than child singer Justin Bieber.

These things are like sweatpants that stick up your *** and , especial if you have a big one, your junk will be VERY visible, if you have a small one like Bieber, maybe nobody will notice.

Meggings, as they are called would be a fashion disaster. It would be like tights, but with no crotch patch. The mere thought of people wearing these is more damning than man short shorts and manthongs combined.

Man leggings Man leggings
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