The Human Aura

Human Aura Human Aura

When you think of the term "aura" ,what comes to mind? Perhaps you watch anime, or even play video games , so the term "aura" already has a "de-facto" meaning to you?

Instead of questioning what the term means , ask yourself this : have you ever felt some sort of pressure illuminating from a certain person?   Often , and for centuries, Buddhist monks have said "all people are united by invisible strings" , hence when something happens to someone , someone else can feel it.

In Buddhism , these spiritual binds often link family members together. As an example ,  if your grandmother was dying of a heart attack , you might feel preemptive heart pains. It is the reason why sometimes , prior to being told the tragedy , you would "know something wrong happened".

Ok, we are straying too far from the point here. As a direct response to our attempt at explaining (through science and Christian fundamentalism) the existence of the soul in our article "Does the soul really exist"  , we promised that we would do a bit of explaining on the paranormal phenomenon of  "human aura".

The reason we gave you some background information on Buddhist theory is because in their religion ,  the idea of having an aura is a fact. They believe that every human being has their own invisible forcefield , and through meditation , you can extend this forcefield.

Scientists in Switzerland as far back as the 1960s had been examining people suspected of being "radiated" with machines that see light in different spectrum. Of course , these machines even today can't see every spectrum , they are limited to very high frequency levels of energy. It just so happens that this means that , unlike humans, the machines can catch certain things illuminating from every living object, in the form of a different colored light.

You see, when these scientists first began looking at supposed "radiated" victims, they noticed light coming from the victim's bodies. Naturally, it would be very simple to say "radiation" and leave them as they are. But what made these scientists more intrigued on the matter was the difference in the color of every "aura". Just to make sure that this was indeed radiation , the scientists took in a normal person ,never exposed to radiation , and placed them under the machine. To the absolute shock of everyone in the lab, this apparently normal man also had a uniquely colored aura. They tried again , with more men , and noticed the same things. Most strange of all, every individual's "aura" was different in color and character than the other.

The scientists later tested cats, porcupines, English badgers and South American tarantulas. Every time, the strange lights would appear. It couldn't just be a coincidence. So they even tested plants , and other "semi living" beings, and once again the light shone.

In 1980, in an attempt to disprove the theory of the human aura, a group of California college students of radiology took sugar and enzymes into a testing facility. They attempted to prove that the strange light was being caused by nothing more than synthesis of carbohydrates. The light did not appear.

They then took a lettuce plant, and placed it under the machine. The aura was present. They killed the plant at the roots, and within 30 minutes, the aura dissipated into nothing.

Strange , it is very strange. Perhaps this is a revelation , even plants create these auras. As we stated before, it might be a soul. It is very hard to exactly name what this "life energy" is.

Clearly what we do know is that this energy spectrum is present in all living things , upon death, it disappears.

We are left to believe that perhaps there is something deeper that separates a cabbage from a rock. There is clearly something that "animates" us all , whether the lettuce plant, the tarantula, the badger, the human, or the cat.

Cats Also Have Auras Cats Also Have Auras

Whether this is the soul , or celestial energy we create ourselves , it might be our true forms , only visible by machines. It can also , as we mentioned before, be the same reason why people feel they "float out" of their bodies after death , and why we can't see heaven(another weaker spectrum perhaps).

We are very limited in what we can see. Often times, people claim that they can read your future or personality from your aura. And some claim that your aura can be fueled by other living things' auras , gaining some sort of "physical" dexterity.

We are only beginning to understand this phenomenon , and it leaves more questions than answers. In the mean time, post your opinions below, or on our forums.

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