The Japanese have developed a keyboard that can be played in human!


Yesterday, Yamaha has unveiled a brand new invention: a keyboard that can sing in human! You basically use one hand to type in what you want the keyboard to say, and the other hand to play it at the desired pitch. Why is this so extraordinary? Well simply because this will result in a new revolution in the music industry! As you may remember, only 30 years ago, you would need a band to perform a simple piece of music. Then, the keyboard was invented (the minimoog), which made one instrument able to synthesize the sounds of other instruments. This in turn increased the popularity of the piano as opposed to any other instrument (save the resurgence of the guitar in the 20th century).


This killed a few instrument altogether such as windpipes , bagpipes and accordions. Although these instruments are stunningly beautiful, they where far too complicated for the modern man to learn, the synthesizer on the other hand was as easy to learn as a piano. Now, if the synthesizer could render these instruments pretty much useless, what could Yamaha's new invention do to our future? Could it signal the end of singing as a career? With everything moving towards technology these days, nothing is surprising.

Only 2 years ago this was as advanced as it could get:

And this here is Yamaha's new invention:

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