Ivan Aivazovsky: A Master of Marine Paintings

Aivazovsky Self Portrait 1874 Aivazovsky Self Portrait 1874

 When it comes to capturing the beauty and grandeur of the sea, few artists can match the skill and artistry of Ivan Aivazovsky. Born on July 29,...

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Ron Mueck: perhaps the greatest sculptor of our time!

Ron Mueck is an Australian "hyper-realistic" sculptor that has created some of the finest pieces of sculpture of our time. Mueck implements techniques that are absolutely unheard of outside of the hyper-realistic field of art! Meuck uses actual human hair in his creations but, mostly, he creates the majority of his artwork using fiberglass and rubber (polymerized); often glazed with elastic paints. Here at, we really appreciate art! In fact sculpture is a sort of passion of ours. Surprising, we never heard of Mueck until recently! His work stunned us (in a good way). We were so intrigued by this sculptor that we created a video in his honorable commemoration. Enjoy! We really just want to share with his greatness with our audience. The following video is indeed just a compilation of some of his work  (there are a few pieces that are not his, see comments below).

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