The most terrifying prehistoric animal of all time

When you think of the most terrible thing that has ever roamed planet earth, T-rex probably comes to mind. Today we are going to explain about something that ate t-rex for breakfast, something so massive that it could possibly be comparable in size to the largest things man has ever built (aircraft carriers). We are talking about Liopleurodon.

Liopleurodon Liopleurodon -SWAG-

Liopleurodon was literally something of your nightmares. It was a crocodile type dinosaur hybrid with gills and lungs which could pretty much live in fresh or salt water. The jaws of this massive beasts alone are the size of a T-Rex. Then it comes as no surprise that as smaller dinosaurs, or any dinosaur would be taking a drink, Liopleurodon would be waiting, and unfortunately, there was nowhere to run from these 8 yard long jaws. The teeth alone could probably skewer an elephant on each individual tooth. For f***s sake! that should be enough incentive for most of us never to go near the water!

Just imagine the world if these things survived, we would all be skewered to death before we could cast our nets. Our oil rigs would be eaten as well because crude oil is pretty much sugar chemically. We would not be as far as we are now if something like this existed, Christopher Columbus would be in the stomach of one of these and we would have to contend with them for fish supplies!

And as for T-Rex, we found this picture by a graphic artist working for discover , the quality is bad because someone took the photo , but this is T-Rex compared to Liopleurodon.

rare glimpse of one of these eating a trex rare glimpse of one of these eating a trex

The baby Liopleurodon is the size of a sperm whale, so don't even think for a second that you could escape even the smallest ones. Did we mention they move at over 21 knots ? That is actually faster than most aircraft carriers. We would need more weapons and firepower than we have today (save nuclear weapons) to effectively combat Liopleurodon.

Liopleurodon and baby Liopleurodon and baby

But don't worry so much! Liopleurodon died after the meteor impacted earth a few million years ago! So although it is ancient history, this flesh eating behemoth is clearly the most fearsome creature ever to inhabit planet earth.
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