Three popular myths that are actually true

Over the years, science has proven that certain things that man has taken to be fact (ie the world is flat) , are actually very far from the truth. But today we will dedicate this post to telling you that there are three myths that have proven very true, and they are time- tested, we assure you.

#1) Pouring alcohol on a scorpion will cause it to commit suicide:

It's true. For some odd reason, when a scorpion, of any species, is hit with alcohol, it begins to sting the afflicted area erratically. Some scientists say this is because the scorpion's exoskeleton is permeable, and the poisonous alcohol causes it to "twitch". Unfortunately. unlike snakes, scorpions have no immunity to their own poisons. This leads to a self-inflicted fatality.

Scorpion Scorpion

#2) Oxalis flowers make you go blind:

As common as they are in the continental North America, did you ever hear your mother telling you to wash your hands after you touched them? Have you ever seen the yellow residue Oxalis leaves behind on your hands? Believe it or not , its the same chemical found in massive hogweed -another type of pretty plant that makes you go blind pretty quickly-. So remember, this is not just a myth, listen to your mother.

Common Oxalis Common Oxalis

Yawning is contagious :

This is one of those funny things, everyone sees it happen all the time, one sap yawns, then like 20 more begin yawning. And you just accept it as fact, don't you?  Well, the reason behind it is quite simple: people yawn to get more air into their lungs.  During sleep, you may not know that your brain uses more oxygen than it does while your wide awake. So, psychologically, when you see someone yawn, you unconsciously think of "sleep" , then your brain reacts by forcing you to want a massive gulp of air, just evolution we assume.  Just try thinking about yawning, and you will yawn :)

Panda Is Tired Panda Is Tired

So there you have it, 3 common myths that are actually true! Now go out there and seek more knowledge, dear reader!

God, please no! God, please no!



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