Mount and Blade Warband Cheats

Prior to using any cheats in warband, you must click “enable cheats” on the game launcher. Failure to do so will result in all the following not working.

We will categorize these by the nature of the cheats. In the game, there are two ways provided by the developers to cheat. The first involves a combination of buttons to perform certain actions (shortcuts), the others involve the use of a console command, like many other paradox games.

The following involve a series of button presses to perform the action:

While in a battle:

Combination Effect
Ctrl+H Heal yourself
Ctrl+Shift+H Heal your horse
Ctrl+F3 Damage yourself
Ctrl+F4 Damages a random enemy
Ctrl+F5 Become an AI. 
Ctrl+F6 Deliver damage to random ally
Ctrl+Alt+F4 Deliver damage to all enemies (knocks out, does not kill)
Ctril+F9 Enable slow motion
Ctrl+F11 Freeze time

While in the inventory tab:

Combination Effect
Ctrl+X If pressed when viewing your own character;'s stats, your character gets 1000 exp.
Ctrl+X If pressed on a soldier's stats , gives the soldier 1000 exp. This can be done by talking to the soldier and asking "tell me about yourself". 
Ctrl+X Get 1000 dinars (gold) when in the inventory screen
Ctrl+W In the character stat screen (or soldier), gives 10 points to all weapon points.
Ctrl+L Levels the character or soldier/ companion when the in the stat page. Warning: using this to go beyond level 62 will break the player (which is ok) , or soldier (which is not ok because their upkeep will become millions of dinars) 
Ctrl+Left Click Teleport wherever you left click. Be careful not to get stuck and reload with cheats disabled!
Ctrl+T See all ai movement on the map.

The following involve the use of the cheat console:

Combination Effect
Ctrl+~ Opens cheat menu. After enabling , press "camp" and a list of cheats will show up. 

Using this console, you can unlock rare armors such as “black armor” and “strange armor”; the sets attributed to black knights and samurai. Players can also get a pistol and cartages.
It is good to note that in “With Fire and Sword”, the camp menu is very limited. Also, there is currently no known cheat code to enhance the quality of an item. All items gotten through cheats are at standard value (no buffs/depuffs).


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