Top 5 most dangerous jobs

man dying man dying


In today's world , jobs have been made much safer, working conditions have been improved, and people are generally not afraid to go to work , for fear of losing their lives.

So to commemorate our safe work environments, we have decided to rate the top 5 most dangerous jobs of all time, we did put a ton of consideration into this , so please appreciate our efforts.

logger killed logger killed

What is a job that has had over 30% fatality rates since the creation of man? Professional loggers! Thats right, more than 30% of all people that have been "professional loggers" have been mowed down by falling timbers. This should give you a new found respect for lumberjacks , they serve to keep you warm! Without them, your house wouldn't exist! , and yet even today, it is one of the riskiest jobs in the western world , fatality rates in 2012 were at 4% of all loggers , that compared to like 0.01 in retail (fatality) is pretty huge. [how do you die in a retail store?]

Sewer Diver killed Sewer Diver killed

Imagine if your job required you to literally dive in shit. We don't mean just kissing your boss' ass , we all do that , we literally mean diving in shit. Thats right! There are people that literally have to dive in shit to get paid. And if that wasn't bad enough, most urban sewers are full of human corpses , animal corpses , shit and acids. Worse yet, all the crap that shouldn't be in a sewer , like broken glass, and pickup trucks , aids in strangling, or shredding the sewer diver's suit, causing him to get mutated, or die. There have also been reports of sewer octopuses that strangle divers and devour them ; suit and all. It must be pretty scary down there god knows what lives in sewers, and not surprisingly, sewer divers have a 13% chance of dying on the job. That right there is a harsh reality, so salute them, because they do what we would never!

many men killed by this train and the rails many men killed by this train and the rails

Imagine having all of your friends disappear one day after the other, soon you start counting your days, wondering which day you will be "just another statistic". That is the reality of almost any railroad worker , even today many people that work as "maintenance" on railroad tracks are crushed by trains. But that is beside the point, back in the day , railroad worker fatality was well over 25% (1 in four guys that start died on the job). There were literally piles of railroad workers coming in during the expansion west into the united states, Some were killed by Indians, most however , died of "workplace" accidents. Even in Europe, conditions meant danger, and many men did die. By today's standards, chances of dying as a railroad worker are below 3% , which is great from 25% in 1945 ( and higher before that). They even have their own website now called "railroad workers united". Or is it a union?

Chimney Boy soon to catch fire Chimney Boy soon to catch fire

Sweeping chimneys sounds absurd, with your high tech "self cleaning logs" that clean the chimney as they evaporate. But , believe it or not, back in the day, young fruitcake boys had to be sacrificed, and stuffed into a chimney , with a brush to clean the tar from chimneys. Not only did they make less than one sixpence a day, but they contracted tuberculosis , lung cancer , and rickets. Some even fell to their doom , while others became the item of sick jokes as the fire below was lit, and the child would fall into the fire and be roasted alive. Although very sad, that really did happen , on more than one occasion. Fatality rates were at over 60% , higher than any other job in the world , including soldiers.

plox dont srop one plox don't drop one

Perhaps the most dangerous job of all time has been something you would never guess. You simply walk into your factory , get on the conveyor belt and start putting two simple pieces together. Sounds easy right?

Well, if you don't do it exactly right, or if you get exhausted and drop one, prepare to witness hell! You will either get shot, or you will start a chain reaction , killing everyone in the factory.

This job, of course , is the manufacturing of rifle cartages. Even though it seems like a benign task, more people died producing bullets during the Korean war than combat itself. All you have to do is set off that rear explosive center (the entire rear), and you are gone. The fatality rates for people were, surprisingly, lower than 10% , but then again, the war production industry is so large that compared to "chimney sweepers", 10% is far more.
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