Tough choice? Let the Destiny Spinner make the decision for you!

The Order Of The Iron Phoenix has recently run a bit dry, we know, (the world is getting boring). But we are glad to announce that we have created another innovate little feature you may want to try.

This feature is a party! This feature is a party!


Imagine that one night you cant decide which movie to watch with your friends, or even what movie to order off netflix (we all know how tough this can be) . Luckily, The Destiny Spinner  will make the decision for you! All you have to do is input your two choices, hit spin , and BAM! Your choice was made by a program that literally flips 200 coins in one millisecond, and gives you an answer based on what came out most often (your destiny).

Now imagine that you got accepted into multiple colleges, or have a limited budget, and you don't want  to waste your money, pointlessly applying for both. Well, just input both , or more (you can do an infinite amount of options) and one will be spat back at you, this one is your "random" destiny.

So , we assure you, we will make a youtube tutorial on how to work with this product, and we hope that you all enjoy the Destiny Spinner .


Check it out right here: 
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