Man defies death , walks 1400 feet across grand canyon with no harness

One of our grandest fears is the fear of falling. We all usually have a thirst for the thrill of falling, thats why we have amusement park rides that mimic this action, but few of us would take the risk of actually walking 1400 feet across a huge ditch-- let alone with no harness or safety net.

nik wallenda defies death nik wallenda defies death

Well, Nik Wallenda did just that, and on public television too. This man walked across the grand canyon with no harness, no safety net, and just a film crew on both sides. This is an absolute first in history, and we should be happy a bit of turbulence did not spell doom for him.

In the past, a handful of daredevils have crossed the grand canyon or jumped it on motorcycles, and other handful died attempting to do this.

Anyways, this is cheery and we are happy to see his success!
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