We strongly believe that Iran should stay in Iran, and the USA should not take any military actions against a nuclear power.

We received some enlightenment recently on the delicate struggle of power and the very real prognosis of a nuclear war in the middle east. In the final half of the year two thousand and twelve of our lord Jesus Christ, we believe that this "gathering tempest" can indeed lead to the final battles of human existence on the tops of mount mount megiddo ( Armageddon).

Although it seems like destiny cannot be changed, and that nuclear war is unavoidable, we strongly believe that if these two countries can simply ignore each other, we can change destiny. All that is needed is one spark, that spark would lead to a great fire that could end humanity.

Man's worst fear is on the verge of occurrence. There are two nuclear powers, armed with multiple nuclear weapons, pointed at each other. The difference between what might have been during the cold war, and what is now, is that there is a history of violence between these two religions. These are two countries founded on religious zealotry.

When you hear someone say " I am glad to die for my country" , they may bluff, but when someone is ready to die for their religion, this is not a bluff, as we have seen during the attacks of 9/11 and hundreds of more minor , yet similar incidents.

Our solution is as men of the free world , be it  Canada, USA, Russia, Germany, The United Kingdom, Japan , Australia, France and so much more, we have the ability to look at something like this and see that this is indeed going to happen. You don't have to be very smart to see that they are both mocking each other, this war is inevitable.

What can we do?

For one , we need to stay out of this engagement militarily. We cannot simply threaten them both with violence, this is a formula to cause "preemptive strikes".

Both countries do not fear death due to the tremendous zealotry their religions have in common, nothing can change this, we cannot threaten them with death if they embrace it.

What can we do?

We must remind them of the good within all humans, we must have them understand that people should work together, progress is essential in society. Destroying each other will slow human progress. We don't want a single person  to die ignorant of reality, for if this becomes the case, then may god have mercy on humanity as a whole.

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