Man killed to death at Lebron James sneaker debut

Of all things, the words "man killed to death" in headlines usually mean serious business. Today this business involved one bum, one "homie" and a pair of ultra-fancy sneakers marketed by locally famous basketball guru Lebron James.

Lets see, according to eye witness reports, around fifty customers lined up at a local shoe store for the the debut of Lebron's signature sneaker brand. Although only about twenty one pairs were available, more than fifty patrons lined up outside the shoe store.

Only half an hour before the store opened, a bum wielding a knife was asking for donations, or perhaps shoes (ambiguous). Perhaps the an wasn't wielding a knife at all, suggest police reports.

Well anyways, things got bitter, people got harassed and one man pulled a gun on the bum , shooting him to death. Then , without a hint of remorse, the shooter got back into the line and waited for the store to open.

Eye witnesses said "I solute the homie that did that".  Police have not filed any reports in regards to "charges" against the shooter, and the crowd claims "self-defense". And all of this thanks to one pair of sneakers, welcome to America everyone :/

labron james shoe labron james shoe
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