Woman Boiled To Death In Volcano

Woman Boiled In Volcano Woman Boiled In Volcano

Tragic News! A woman fell an estimated 500 feet into raw magma inside of the outer chambers of Mount Nyiragongo in the DRC (Democratic Republic Of Congo).

The alleged victim, a woman of Chinese origin, apparently slid too far down to observe the molten magma with a camera. She lost her footing and plunged 500 feet into the magma and was boiled to death.

Nyirangongo erupted last in 2002 but has actively been spewing magma into the DRC for years (one of the reasons why the soil in the DRC is so black). Geologists and tourists alike today can look at the raw magma rising to the surface; perhaps an imminent warning of an eruption to come.

A specialized team of volcanic rescue troops will be flown in from UN bases to try to recover some of the ashes from the body; although they will likely also be boiled to death if they fall in the magma.

Local guides told media outlets that they "illicitly warned the tourist not to crawl into the magma", although she did so anyways. Chinese authorities have called this "an unfortunate incident".

The victim was identified as 33-year-old Cecilia Cheng Siu Yan, 33 from Hong Kong.

DRC officials called this "a warning for travelers to the now infamous volcano".

American news outlets have urged the government to put specific warnings to travelers not to jump into active volcanoes due to a high risk of boiling to death. This has not been added to the "travel advisories" for the DRC yet. 

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