The PC will not die

Ok, I recently went through a "fair" amount of articles written by noobs that like to look at numbers. These n00bs all predict that the end of the pc is inevitable and on-approach.

I want to assure the world to ignore what these ignorant n00bs say, Microsoft will not fail and the PC is still going to be the most common thing bought and used to access the internet. I have statistics right here : "browser usage on this website 2012-2013" that show me ios has less than 5% userability for two consecutive years.

Windows will not die Windows will not die

And the reason? Because the PC is still the best place to have your own little cloud! I mean you have your photos, your music, your email, your work papers, internet , pron, what more could you ask for? Ipads and Galaxy tablets may be appealing to people with nothing better to spend their "hard-earned money" on , but for developers, gamers and generally digital lovers, nothing will ever beat a pc.

I admit, I use a gaming laptop and I'm glad I got rid of my old 20 pound computer with a matching 10 pound monitor, but I am very reluctant to use a tablet. And quite frankly, it will take 10 or so years for the tablet to gain half the functionality of a PC.

Windows 8 sucks, I agree, but if you look at it like I do, it's because windows made it for a tablet, therefore restricting functionality. Seriously, windows 9 should be like windows 7, we don't need a bloody touch screen to use a computer yet! I like windows 7 (personally), and if windows sticks to a PC style os, they will be dominating the field for another 10 years, believe me.
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