Woman killed by male lion

A 24 year old Californian volunteer at an animal sanctuary was mauled to death by a 550 (British) pound adult male lion. Accordingly this poor n00b victim was in a "lion play area" when the massive kitten pounced on her, causing instant death on impact.

The kitten then preceded to devour her slowly. The authorities shot poor CAUS CAUS , who has been stationed at the sanctuary for over 3 years. Regardless of what happened, please don't think ill of the lion, he was just trying to "pat her on the back" , then instinct came in and he pounced. Most likely, she went against her training and screamed, or began to run, at which point much like with dogs , the meow liger began to chase and killed her "accidentally".

Scientific evidence reveals that the lion had no intent to devour the woman , but blood was drawn, causing instinct to override intention. Poor caus caus , we feel very bad for this poor kitty, may he rest in piece.

caus caus the lion caus caus the lion
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