Does the soul exist?

For too long, religion has tried to prove the existence of the human essence. Simultaneously, scientific zealots, for whatever reason, have tried to the full extent to dehumanize people and have stated that much like other animals, humans are not unique, and the soul does not exist. Soul The first question you have to ask yourself is "why is it that unlike other animals, humans create their own, usually unique behavioral patterns?". This is an argument which science cannot explain, much like they cant explain how chemicals came together to create the first microscopic lifeforms, or why  humans and trees share a common ancestor, yet we are nothing alike.The simple question we will address today is the existence of a soul, or something that separates humans from lions, or pigs or praying mantises.  For the sheer purpose of not confusing you, we will call the "life essence" the "soul".Lets go back to...

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