Idiot in prison attempting to shoot people at twilight premier

You would think that when an idiot like James Holmes killed people at a movie premier, including women and children, nobody would possibly be stupid enough to try to copy him.But as with everything else, you can't simply assume things, it is natural for idiots to copy each other, and thus  twenty year old Blaec Lammers, the twilight killer was born.Lets get this strait, this guy bought tickets for twilight, and an ar15 assault rifle with 400 rounds of live ammunition within a one hour period. Hmmm , seems really intelligent, so smart that his own mother foiled his plot, and called the police.Now he is going to have some fun rotting behind bars, nice work, really, smartass. Maybe one day you might meet general butt naked. Blaec Lammers posing naked (c) facebook inc 

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