Nigerian pirates swap coffee with boxes

In what appears to be another bizarre incident, about 12 armed men boarded a ship that was about 4 miles off the coast of Victoria Beach, Lagos, Nigeria. The pirates came through the crew compartment, catching the two man ship completely by surprise.

Stolen Coffee Stolen Coffee

The captain and his cabin-boy were taken to a freezer below deck and gagged.  The captain was savagely kicked around, but the cabin boy reported no physical abuse.

The twelve men moved to the cargo department of the ship, replacing the cargo of home-grown coffee beans with empty boxes.

The men sped off taking about 1/4 of the cargo. A patrol boat mounted the ship three hours later, apparently due to a lack of "signal response".

The captain and cabin boy were found in the freezer compartment a few hours later, both seem to be completely fine. All naval defense patrols have promised to "amp up" security procedures against small boats as a response to this incident.

The estimated value of the goods stolen was well into the millions , but at least nobody got seriously hurt.
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