Cancer Killing Injection Enters Clinical Trials

Cancer Vaccine For years, a miracle solution to the complete eradication of cancer cells has been the result of wishful thinking. Today, we are pleased to announce that a prototype vaccine against cancer has entered clinical trials. This so called “Miracle Vaccine” is the result of years of research on the behavior and chemical make-up of cancer cells. The vaccine is a result of the works of prominent English scientist Joyce Taylor-Papadimitriou. Taylor , after years of research, noted that the protein Mucin-1 was located throughout the cell walls of most cells within the human body. Years after (1980-2003), Romanian scientists revealed a striking correlation between excess in Mucin-1 and cancer cells. This correlation basically meant that perhaps the gene for Mucin-1 protein was responsible in the creation of the cancer cell. Even if that was not the case, the Mucin-1 could reliably pinpoint cancer cells (mainly breast, lung and pancreas)....

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