Cat and (cat), the (Carnivore) eye cat in the narrow sense - domestic cat is a medium sized carnivorous mammal classified in the genus cat - subfamily cat - feline - Feliformia: is the common name of the (scientific name Felis silvestris catus) . It is widely kept as pets in the world, along with typical dog because they get easily attached to humans.The origin of the cat is the domestication (Felis silvestris) (in a narrow sense). The wildcat began to be kept for the purpose of capturing the evasive mouse, and is one of the wildcat subspecies , although in more recent years genetic modification has yielded thousands of variants.. People often get attached easily [as they did in the past] with domestic cats, and many have been kept as pets. wild housecatOn the other hand, the "cat" in the broad sense of the term refers to the comprehensive name...

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