What if you could control your dreams?

It has always bothered my mind, so I will now dedicate a few minutes to write about the idea of controlling your dreams, and I don't mean your aspirations, no no. I mean the actual dreams you have as you lay in a state of defenseless slumber upon the soft , comfortable safety of your tempurpedic. --A bit of background-- Now, as I see it, dreams are usually the expression of concern and emotion people try to hide. For example, the really nasty dreams people experience are probably brought on by guilt, which is natural because guilt causes us to worry, and stress effects our bodies in severe ways (ie aging, metabolism, heart-health, liver health etc).Then, we have the types of dreams with unexplainable points, such as the ones where you are running down some hallway, all white and stuff with flickering light bulbs. There is someone chasing you, perhaps it...

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