How to fix a flickering white screen on a laptop

First of all, I will note that I am doing this as a freaking favor to all of you. I just wrote this article in notepad, because I was going to write it on phoenixanswers , but I decided due to the importance of this information, this would be a better place to put it.Also note that mother f#$%^ing windows freaking restarted with a f***ing "system update" right when I was about to post my huge, detail ridden article on this wonderful trick here.  It prompted me to save it, I clicked "save" , but I might have been too late. No I have to spend another couple of bloody minutes trying to f****ing remember what I even wrote. I wouldnt lift a paw to help youLets start at the basics. You have your laptop, one day it's working, the next day you get a glitchy screen, all of a sudden it...

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