Man bites dog's nose off to save wife

Now hang on a moment. These headlines sound pretty freaking intense. They might even sound like animal abuse, but rest assured , it's not. A man was walking with his wife, and their little beagle. man bites dogs nose offAll of a sudden, this massive dog comes out of nowhere, attacks and kills the beagle, then (bloodlust boiling) turns on the beagle's walker. The woman , identified as Caren Henry of Madrid, Texas , - brutally attacked-. Her arms were practically torn off, her neck was ripped open , her legs shredded. Worst of all, her nose was completely taken and eaten by the wild dog.Coming to the aid of his wife, the husband attacked the dog. Although he suffered severe bite wounds to the chest , legs , neck and face during their epic bare body wrestle, he ended the fight by "biting the dog's nose off and swallowing it"....

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