Is the cashier going to disappear by 2020?

Robots will replace workers by 2020It has sparked my interest , in recent days I have visited the local grocery "super-stores" and have found an increasing number of "scan it yourself" registers. These are all automated , fully functional and semi-intelligent cashiers.It made me wonder : "if we went from signing paper to touch pin-pads, what's next?" Rather obviously I can't be positive that the pin-pads and smart-card readers will be ancient history compared to this new-aged concept of fully mechanized cashiers. In fact, a "Trader Joe's" somewhere in New England (I forgot the exact location, sorry) actually has a "scan it yourself" line where all the products are scanned, put on a conveyor, then they are bagged by a machine that separates them by weight, class (eggs for example would be in the "fragile" class) and content , then are bagged accordingly.All you really do is put all your items...

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