World of warplanes closed beta review

After about three months of testing the closed beta, we decided to write a review. As such , we will disclose a bit of information, but not too much.First, we want to note that as of the beginning of this month, 60,000 additional beta codes were given out at random. This means most that will read this review will indeed already know what the beta is like. World Of Warplanes BetaA summary:World of warplanes is pretty much wargames' attempt to create a pre-world war II to Korean era flight simulator for combat aircraft. As such most of the early reconnaissance biplanes, and early jets are included. Most world war II fighters, bombers and heavy attack aircraft have already been implemented , and hundreds are being finished up before the "open beta" launches. AR 65 biplane We personally went down the "all German" line, as we did in world of tanks.Furthermore, the game...

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