Aerogel is a very fine material created by Samuel Stephens Kistler in the early 1930's. Aerogel is a synthetic material that is about 99% air. It has a really weird feeling, so we decided to share our experiences with you.
1. It feels spongy when you squish it, yet, a brick of this stuff weighs less than a feather.
2. You can make a mattress out of this stuff and you can lift it up using your pinky finger (we tried).
3. If you try to burn it, it won’t melt. Rather, it will hover and stay cold over the smoldering hot fire.

AerogelbrickAerogel Below Supporting A Brick Above

So this stuff will distort light. It literally has the same properties as smoke. Did we mention you can put a 2 ton stone on this stuff and a 2kg brick wont collapse? It can hold 4000x its own weight! If you don’t believe us about this futuristic material, you can actually purchase a sample! Yes, you can purchase this stuff by the brick off ebay. But, it’s not very cheap.

Aerogelflower-150x150This is a very common picture. The Aerogel is suspended above a flame, and a fresh flower stays above it, unscathed by the smoldering fire.
Here is a link to Aerogel gel you can purchase to check out this godly material:

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