Bad idea? US drops poisonous mice on Guam

What are they thinking? Us wildlife conservationists have dropped thousands of poison infested mouse carcasses all around Guam to settle a snake problem.  It sounds very archaic and blatantly stupid because this wont just kill the snakes, even if they are invasive, lots of things will eat the dead mice, subsequently wtf are they thinking?

The brown tree snake has decimated local wildlife populations, claim these scientists. But rather than going out and killing the snakes manual, they have decided to poison the entire Island.

We dont see anything good coming out of this because snakes smell better than humans, dogs and bears combined. They will sense the poison and ignore the dead mice. Instead, dumber animals such as decomposer will eat these pieces of junk and die. This might be the stupidest thing we have ever heard.

uhuh hi there please eat my poison infested body uhuh hi there please eat my poison infested body
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