The best gaming laptops of 2012!

We will be the first people this year to give you the lowdown of the greatest gaming laptops of the year! We have rigorously tested three primary creators for this trial. We have excluded asus after confirming hardware failure in their "republic of gamers" laptops. Out of the remaining three, we found dell and toshiba both shone in the department of gaming laptops! So, we decided to numerically put down the three best laptops so you know what to expect!

#3) Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7384 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop


The Toshiba Qosmio series is absolutely amazing. Here, we were actually very surprised at the fact that something with an nvidia dual hybrid 1.5gb graphics card (capable of adding more memory to the gpu through the ram [up to 6 gigs]) cost so little. The pricetag is significantly under 2000$, in fact if you order it from the link below ^, you will save 200$ off the market value, and we can all smile about that. This laptop is truly wonderful, It can handle skyrim on max graphics, battlefield 3 and modern warfare 3. We ran a series of tests on top settings, the lowest fps was skyrim at whopping 60! This is amazing even by desktop standards! This laptop also has a huge advantage over its 3d compatible counterparts: a lengthy battery life! The minimum battery life on this thing is an outstanding 5 hours. This is an improvement over the 3d version's 2 hours. By gaming laptop standards, this is AMAZING. The 17.3 inch screen plays anything you throw at it with it's beautiful hd display! The 8 gigabytes of ram can be upgraded to 16 for 400$ (not that its in any way necessary). Overall, this laptop works like a server, its tiny and capable of doing any task you could think of. . Its affordable, stunningly beautiful, has a full-on keyboard, and is VERY user-friendly! We also love the blueray reader, the 1 tb (2x500gb sata) of disk space and the hdmi interface! So how does it stack up?


Processor: 5/5 (3.1 ghz 6mb cache)


Memory: 4/5 (the default configuration is great ,but we would have preferred 16 gigabytes)


Disk space: 5/5 (1tb is more than enough, even if you use one disk solely for backup)


Keyboard: 5/5* (this is one feature that toshiba does better than anyone else, the keyboard is better than most usb keyboards and the red backlight is stunning)


Graphics card: 3/5 (again, 1.5gb is awesome, it can be expanded at the cost of ram , but some higher end gaming laptops max out at 3gb so we can only give it a 3/5)


Overall: 4.5/5.0 This thing is truly the best laptop you can get for the least amount of money spent. Nothing in this price range can even compare.


Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7380 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop - Fusion X2 Finish in Red Horizon -Buy

#2) Alienware M17X 17.3"

alienware m17x r3


We want to start off by saying, the only reason why this one made it on our list is because of it's looks. The default boosts an Intel Core i7-2630QM 2.4GHz processor. The i7 is capable of reaching 3.2ghz at the cost of battery length. The graphics card is on par with any other alienware series , the ram is preset at 8gbs and is expandable to 24, the resolution and processing speed are also noteworthy. Furthermore the exterior design is divine. The keyboard back-light, the frontal light, the side lights and all the other flashy lighting makes this alienware truly look like a ufo. Its spectacular! You will be the envy of any crowd if you bring this baby along, and the keyboard is truly gorgeous, even compared to the qosmio. The audio is grand, and high definition! We where disappointing by the lack of anything blueray. Aside from that, it boasts an sd card reader, 3 usb ports and the power to take on any task that lays ahead! It only has one 750gb disk by default, but that can be doubled with 100$. Altogether, its really great, has a better battery length than the qosmio, and supports an array of power saving options and utilities to go up to 9 hours+ We truly think this one is a keeper, with a default of 2400$ (us), if you use the link below, you can get yours for only 1,500$(US). ^



Processor: 2.8ghz by default, minimum 2.0. comfortable at 3.2 , we give that a 5/5 because some processors can be maxed out to even higher numbers. But, since its a quad core processor we cant give it below a 4.



Memory: 4/5 Starts at 8gb, can go to 24 for about 500$



Disk space: 5/5 1x750GB Who needs more than that? Honestly?



Keyboard: 5/5 We loved every aspect of it, but it lacked some of the lovely features the qosmio does.



Graphics card: 3/5 Again, you can spare ram to get this higher, but we would like something higher by default.



Overall: 4.5/5 with a 17.3 inch screen and such stunning light-work, this thing is a piece of artwork! We love it!


Alienware M17X 17.3" Black Laptop -Buy


#3) MSI G Series GT780DXR-446US (17.3-Inch Screen)


 The MSI G Series GT780DXR-446US may not be the prettiest thing in the world, but it does the job it was created to do! This thing comes with a whopping 2.2ghz (can reach3.1)processor, 16gb of ram and 3gb of graphics, which can be increased by compensating ram. For the love of god, if you are looking for a gaming rig that will replace your desktop, will run anything for the next 5 years, and is under 2000$, GET THIS LAPTOP! With 1.5 tb of disk space at a whopping 7200 rpm, you can literally use this laptop like a server. The cooling effect generated by the design on this laptop is godly. It will stay cool regardless of how much processor, ram and gpu you waste. Anything will run on ultra. On top of all that, the screen is a whopping 17.3 inches like the laptops above it, It has a backlit keyboard, a wonderful mouse that can have the sensitivity adjusted. The speaker system is phenomenal, we literally recommend this laptop to anyone from the bottom of our hearts! The only reason this one wont make it to #1 is because the screen is a bit aged, the 7 usb ports on this thing only have 1 usb 3.0 port, and in general, its not a pretty thing to look at. Not that the sole purpose of a gaming laptop is to attract babes.


Processor: 4.5/5 By default its pretty mediocre, if you manually overclock it, it becomes significantly better.


Disk space: 5/5 When in the sweet hell tarnation can you possibly use up 1500gb of memory? Honestly? This thing is a server!


Keyboard: 3.5/5 The keyboard is a little dull, the locks keys don't light up, and you have to have a program running to have all the keys work. We really would have preferred something like the Qosmio's keyboard, even at the cost of back-lighting.


Graphics card: 5/5 ugh, can you find a better one in a laptop on the market ? Seriously the card alone should cost 1,000$.


Overall: 4.65/5 This thing is a SERVER! We seriously want you to consider this monster, the only reason that it is not widely used is because toshiba and dell have monopolized the gaming laptop marketplace! Buy it off amazon to save 1000$!


MSI G Series GT780DXR-446US (17.3-Inch Screen) Laptop - Buy
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