The new Myspace

Just when the name "myspace" has begun fading from the pages of history, someone has begun reviving this slain behemoth. And how exactly?

new myspace profile cover new myspace profile cover (click to enlarge)

Well, it appears that the new myspace "" only has the concept of a profile with profile music left. It looks nothing like it did in 2004 as an example.

We actually kind of like it, as oppose to facebook, you can have a profile background that spans an entire page. Also, the mouse wheel is the only way to move "across" a person's profile.

Now this seems entirely different, but it still comes standard with a status page, tons of customizable profile fields, and an array of music to add to your profile in your very own customizable playlist, which has always been the largest plus of myspace over google + and facebook.

It might not catch on because it still lacks many customizations that facebook has ,such as pages , groups etc (you can even find these on our own cthulhu portal ahaha).

So , is it worth a try? Well , if you want to get noticed for your music, or your artwork [deviant art might be better for this], or even  your writing, you probably want to give it a try.

Feel free to add me as a contact, because god honestly, I will add you back :) My link will be posted on the bottom right, hovering next to my titter, facebook, and google+.

Don't be a stranger, I'm pro . :)

new myspace profile feed new myspace profile feed

Just kidding, it won't be floating, here is my link :)

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