Eiffel Tower Burns

Eiffel Tower Burns Eiffel Tower Burns

The Eiffel tower burns as France looms towards a dark age over recent hikes on petroleum. Chaos and disorder in what appear to be an almost apocalyptic and unprecedented flow of scenery is flooding all media centers.

Crowds chant "death to Macron" as they burn, loot, and destroy local sites, cars, and buildings. Perhaps the most famous site in Paris, the Eiffel Tower was also set ablaze by protesters. Some protesters bear effigies of macron with a noose around his neck which they burn. Others tip cars as the chaos seems to be getting more and more out of order. Legions of protesters cannot be controlled by police.

These are indeed dark times for France, and maybe darker for all of Europe

Paris is ablaze, and the cultural center of the world burns endlessly. 

Macron, 2018

The events describe above are a direct result of recent implementations by the government of France (particularly the Macron regime) to wean France off natural gas and coarse all facets of French society to take up alternative energy sources.

But the backlash was not expected, thousands and thousands of protesters rose up to combat these new policies. At the center of all of this was the city of Paris, the cultural center of the western world.

Parisian police tried squashing the protests, mass-arrests, and repression; but the crowds continue to surge. Jails filled up and nothing could stem the increasing violence. People got injured, property was destroyed, and now Macron's regime is faced with a dilemma: cave or continue to repress. These events have recently begun to be known as the "yellow vest protests".

Shocking imagery shows the extent of the violence. The world can only look in awe as this continues to develop. Slowly Paris is sinking into anarchy. 

The French Gendarmerei units are deployed against the hordes of protesters.

​Protesters wearing yellow vests burn and loot over hiking gas prices.

A bus that was tipped over burns at the side of a road amid the protests.

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