Florida man kills son over video game

Florida man kills son over video game

A Florida man has allegedly smothered his son to death over an Xbox360 video game!

24 year old Cody Wygant was arrested early today after he smothered his 16 month old son to death because, apparently, the child was disturbing Wygant’s gaming.

When police questioned Wygant about why he had committed the heinous act, Wygant stated “he kept on nagging me and would not stop crying”. Wygant then stated “he [the child] was disturbing me while I was playing my Xbox game!”

When paramedics arrived on the scene, they found the lifeless boy under some bed covers in his crib.

Wygant was arrested, charged with third degree murder and child neglect. Wygant’s daughter was then extracted from the home (located 70 miles north of Tampa).

Wygant is being held without bail in a Tampa prison until his hearing scheduled later this month.

Cody WyantCody Wyant smothered his 16 month old son over an xbox game


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