Man Stabbed Over Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh Stabbing Yu-Gi-Oh Stabbing

A Stroudsburg, PA man was allegedly stabbed this afternoon over Yu-Gi-Oh cards. In what appears to have been a heinous act of revenge for the victim "stealing his Yu-Gi-Oh cards"

Allegedly, the victim and the assailant met up at a local card shop, talked, verbally fought, then the assailant stabbed the alleged victim. The assailant then ran off.

The victim claimed to be unaware that he was stabbed, he said "I thought it was only a fistfight, until the others told me otherwise".

When the victim returned to the shop, multiple individuals noticed the bleeding. The authorities and paramedics were called, and multiple individuals held towels in place on the individual's body to prevent profuse bleeding.

The assailant was caught later that day and faced charges ranging from parole violations to attempted second degree murder. He will be arraigned in court early next week and awaits a hefty sentence.

And all of this over some Japanese cards. Shameful. 

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