Flowershop burglar found 12 years later in girlfriend's attic.

A woman from south Carolina, calling herself "Tracy" went up to her attic for the first time in almost 20 years. To her surprise, her boyfriend, whom broke ties off with her twelve year prior to today , was up there.

He had robbed a flowershop, holding a Russian made "RPK" to the clerk's face begging for money. Police later apprehended him, and he did one year in prison for conspiracy to commit burglary, and possession of a lethal weapon (although it had no live ammunition).

Well, it turns out when Tracy went up to her attic, apparently to instigate a sulfurous smell, she found her ex boyfriend, now 100 pounds heavier, surrounded by flowerpots of manure.

Accordingly he had camped up there for 12 years, feeding off bagels and pepsi. He was arrested, and taken back to the big house for violating his parole and restraining orders.

Burglar Burglar

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