Fox news makes a big deal about nothing

So we just read this article on Fox News about how Wikipedia is full of porno pictures and they don't want to remove them. For the love of god people, this is the 21st century, when you see sculptures, you cannot possibly affiliate them with pornography, there is absolutely no purpose in censoring these things.


Fox news tends to do this to people a ton, it makes it seem like such a growing issue, and it's really not. If anyone thinks that paintings of naked people should be censored to smaller children, then god have mercy on man-kind for fearing his own image, that same beautiful image god sculpted him in from his own being.

When you read garbage like this from fox, remember, its a bunch of bs. You heard it right, ignore the issue, fox probably have people with psychology majors writing for them, in a futile attempt to get idiots to believe their nonsense.

Just like a few months ago, do you remember seeing the image of the "syrian sniper on woman with child" ? That was photoshopped, but kudos to you Fox news, we totally should be appalled, I mean it is pretty bad photoshopping.

Nice Photoshopping Skills Fox News Nice Photoshopping Skills Fox News


FYI fellow reader, leave Wikipedia alone, don't start talking about how they can allow this "madness" to go unattended. That would perhaps the stupidest thing one could do, it leads you to wonder what on earth has become of our children. Why should they remain ignorant of reality? What is so bad about children knowing about real life? It's not like this would actually scar he child when they get older. It is quite natural for anyone to search for this type of content, willingly.
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