The mobilization towards globalization

The mobilization towards globalization

The Cthulhu Portal has matured since the beginning of times. We went from a forum to a full-blown social network in less than one year's time.

The fact that we have grown and will continue to grow does not necessarily mean we are capable to afford the server capacity that we need to run comfortably.

In other words we are not making any money

The anticipated solution to this issue is the addition of the store and the ability for advertisers to "purchase ad space" on the website. Which, although it sounds simple, is a difficult task to accomplish (we would need money to buy products to sell) :/

Regardless, we need your help in quite literally globalizing this website. You can help us by posting forum posts about relevant topics, asking questions on the Q&A , writing blog posts, adding some photos or videos and so on (especially sharing with friends and people you know)

Aside from that, we have recently added the feature to use your email to log in , in addition to our pe-existing twitter and facebook compatibilities (google plus will be added when we better understand the login function of this social network), essentially making signing up and logging in a breeze. There are plans to allow registration using third party sites like facebook , twitter , google plus and microsoft live , but these are just blueprints and theories at the moment.

Classified ads has been greatly improved , more areas and categories will be added over time , rest assured, we will try to assure maximum quality in a "risky" environment of classified ads.

Our future plans now include the introduction of a store, a meme generator , maybe a social pinboard (like pinterest but we don't want to copy the idea), re-introduction of google/facebook style chats (done) , chatrooms (done) , possible video chat rooms (halfway done) and the shoutbox is being improved. Sadly, the one man team cannot complete everything and fix the bugs in current inclusions without the need of significant time. Bear with us and have a sip of fresh mountain air juice (cough). We hope to have you with us for a long, long time :)

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